I have been playing volleyball for more than 10 years, from high school to grad school. I have been part of the SKC Studenten Vereniging Volleyball club in Leiden and the RVC/Libanon '50 club in Rotterdam.

I also enjoy watching volleyball matches, the last summer's World League final between Brazil and the USA was really good (especially the first set) and it is available here.

Catholic Church

I have served the Roman Catholic Diocese of Rotterdam as sacristan of the church 'Sagrada Familia'. You can check our website here, and contact me if you are planning to take any sacrament and you need advice within The Netherlands. Moreover, I encourage you to know about our foundation 'Nuestra Casa' that helps immigrants (especially from Latin America) in complex situations to establish in The Netherlands.


You can also learn about Science-Religion ties by checking the website of the Vatican Observatory and its Foundation, which you could also support. Finally, you can always watch the daily mass in Spanish from Barcelona at this site.

RECA Summer Internship

I am currently directing the RECA Summer Internship Program, which is a scientific research training program in Astronomy, Astrophysics and Cosmology aimed at students from Colombian institutions. During a period of approximately 10 weeks, students will develop a research project supervised by scientists inside and outside the country.


In this way, we intend to foster in the student the necessary skills to carry out scientific research, contribute to their academic training and improve their curriculum in order to strengthen applications to postgraduate programs in astronomy and related areas at a global level.

La venta de Rosarios

 Just Pictures! 

Restaurant La Granja
Pacific beach
Harry Potter Exhibition
Wien trip
Bratislava Trip
Vatican Observatory
Albano Lake
Very Large Array (VLA)
Space Telescope Science Institute
Allianz Arena Stadium
Irbene Radio Astronomy Center
Rotterdam Port
Bruges Downtown
Canals in Ghent
Swiss Winter
Keukenhof Park
Max Planck Institute Astronomy
Heidelberg Downtown
Max Planck Institute RadioAstronom
Institute of Astronomy, Cambridge U.
AIRBUS Defense
ESTEC/ European Space Agency
Chinese Lights
Canals in Leiden
France Trip
Amsterdam trip
Villa de Leyva
BSc. in Physics degree
Westerbork Synthesis Radio Telescope
Large Millimeter Telescope
Caratgena Trip